Are you looking for the best binding finishing method for your project? When looking for the right kind of binding style, you will come across various kinds of options. The two most common forms of binding available are coil and comb bindings In case, you don’t have any idea about comb binding method, you need to go through the rest of the blog.

Comb Binding

Comb binding is a popular form of binding method that is used for binding documents. Basically, comb bindings is also known as Cerlox binding. It makes uses of cylindrical plastic shape that comes with multiple curved tines as the spine of the book or the document. As a matter of fact, the rigid plastic shape can echo a hair comb in case it was not in the form of a cylinder. This is why it got its name Comb Binding.

comb bindings


Plastic Comb Binding

If you are looking for the most economical and versatile form for your documents, you would be obviously seeking for a great binding method. This is where coral binding can be of great help. Comb bindings can be great for designing presentation, sales, brochures, and many more things.

This form of binding is the easiest and affordable form of binding. In order to get the best results, one needs to have the right machine and supplies. When choosing the plastic combs, you can get to choose a wide variety of colors. The best thing about comb binding is that it can be easily customized with any information. For instance, the combs can be customized with company’s name or any personal information.

Some Basic Facts

• This form of binding can be used for binding up to 425 pages.

• The pages can be kept flat so that it becomes easy to read the documents. Or, it can be used easily for photocopying.

• It is ideal for handling both thin and thick applications. This is because binding combs are easily available to bind books from 2” to 3.16”.

• Comb bindings product can come with index tabs and foldouts. The tabs an be arranged as per the requirement of the customer.

• The tooth of the comb binding is molded into a closed shaped ring. The ring shape tines are spread initially and thereafter released. The tension closes back into the circular shape.

comb bindings

How comb binding works:

If you are looking for a professional looking document, you can go for comb bindings. The curved tines are spread open and inserted through the rectangular slots. The slots are punched on the edge of the book’s cover and pages. Once the tine is releases, the sine closes and gets back its original shape.


• The comb bound book can be kept in a flat open position without having the need to hold it.

• Pages can be added or removed very easily.

• Tabbed dividers can be added to comb bindings.

• Depending on the thickness of the project, plastic combs are available.

If you have any queries about comb binding, you can get in touch with a binding expert. They can assist you in getting your project done in a professional manner.