Comleteted projects

In tandem with The Open Corridor and Drive-Thru Symphony events, Green Corridor also installed another exhibit, entitled Open Community Video, that ran from September 22nd to 25th, starting at 8pm and running until 10pm each night. The installation featured videos from local students and community members, that were rear-projected through the front window of one of The Green Corridor’s new Ecohouses located at 372 California Ave.

This installation was a perfect example of how one can redefine space and transform an existing structure into a piece of public art. By projecting images through the front window, the window became alive through the images and created a new and temporary space. Though the image was not clearly defined, it still promoted an experimental way of viewing images and interpreting space.

Huron Church Road Urban Planning Process for the City of Windsor

In May 2004 the Green Corridor team was named as the developers of the Huron Church Gateway project in a City of Windsor proposed Urban Plan Design Agenda entitled “Windsor Seen.” As a result of the environmentally and creatively successful design achieved through the completion of the Nature Bridge, the urban planning firm Brook McIlroy was commissioned by the City of Windsor to produce an official plan for the area.

The Official Master Plan for the Huron Church area adopted the Green Corridor design, environmental and educational principles and was passed unanimously by city council in February 2006. Project partners: Brook McIlroy Planning + Urban Design.

Huron Church Road Pedestrian Overpass: Nature Bridge

The Green Corridor team acted as creative design consultants for the creation of an innovative environmental pedestrian bridge in front of Assumption High School. With collaborative expertise of artists, landscape designers, naturalists, engineers, and architects, the bridge construction was completed in October 2005 as a commission for the City of Windsor, and stands as a pilot project for Green Corridor activities. Installation of dense greenery on the bridge will be the next phase of development. Once complete, the Nature Bridge will act as both the focal point of the Green Corridor project, and as an iconic gateway to the City of Windsor and to Canada. Project partners: Stantec Consulting, City of Windsor.Project budget: $4.3 million allocated by the federal and provincial governments as part of the Border Infrastructure Fund.

Green Streets Tree Planting Program

Planted 80 trees on the Green Corridor / University of Windsor property in November 2006. A public celebration was held at the LeBel Building where Mayor Frances announced his continued support of the project. In attendance: 60 school children from neighbouring School of St. Francis and Assumption High School, local dignitaries and media. Project partners: University of Windsor, City of Windsor, Essex County Regional Conservation Authority, CAW Regional Environmental Council.